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WELCOME TO   artemisia hwang™

artemisia hwang™ is a new, exclusive designer brand.

Our Story


Hello. I'm Artemisia Hwang, 

I have lived in Asia, North America, and Europe, acquiring a global mindset and creating space for acceptance, respect, and continuous development.

After discovering my talent for design, I decided to pursue my dream at Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy. There, I gained a preference for modern proportions and structured design, and I developed exquisite design and conceptual skills that helped me convert my timeless sense of style into garments and accessories that help exude confidence effortlessly. 

My mission in life is not merely to create beautiful items but to bring visual pleasure, and to do so with calm, love, humor, passion, curiosity, and humility.


In artemisia hwang™, each piece is born out of an artistic vision informed by modern proportions, structural designs, and a unique perspective within the cultural diversity. Our mission is to dress any gender for the best years of their lives.

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