Artemisia Hwang is a Canada and Europe based Fashion Designer.



Born in China, and raised in a Chinese-Canadian environment, it has always been essential for her to be involved in anything creative. Her early career steps came from modelling back in 2007, and she worked as a fashion model for <<ViVi>> Magazine for 7 years as she started studying sewing, knitting and pattern making in Polimoda (Italy) in 2016, and her graduation was due in June 2020.


She is inherently a problem solver and a person that knows how to handle pressure without hesitation. Her preference for modern proportions is complimented perfectly by her relentless pursuit of fabrics and textures that have a structured design that is entwined with an outstanding level of execution in her creations.


Personal experiences have always been a source of inspiration for her and she drives a substantial number of her strengths and qualities from her love for history, nature, architecture and classical music. Her gargantuan passion for art allows her to combine the powerful presence of modern design ideas with the elegance and timeless appeal of classical and historical references. This leads to the creation of the ultimate clothing line for men and women who seek a look that exudes confidence and strength.









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