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1. My tracking says" no information available at the moment"?

For some shipping companies, it takes 2-5 business days for the tracking information to update on the system. If your order was placed more than 5 business days ago and there is still no information on your tracking number, please contact us at

2. Can I get a refund if the price has changed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to honour any promotions for orders placed outside of the promotional time frame as this would be unfair to the rest of our customers. We’re so sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

3. Can I have my order delivered to a PO Box address?

Sorry. Not at this time. If your order somehow passes our system with a PO Box address, this will cause delays.


4. What causes a delayed delivery?

In a perfect world, package deliveries arrive on time without any issues. But, in some cases, delays occur, and here are the reasons why:

  • Failed delivery attempts – This occurs if there was no one there to receive the package or if the address is misspelled, incomplete or outdated. Usually, couriers make 2 or 3 attempts to deliver your package, but on different days. After these attempts, your package will most likely be stored in the courier’s warehouse for 5-7 days. Please contact your local post office immediately to track it down. If your package has already been sent back to us, simply Contact Us so we can resend it.

  • Delay caused by customs –International shipments are held up in customs to check that the contents and value of the package were declared accurately. Your tracking status will update soon after your package has been cleared and released. For updates, you may also contact your local post office or delivery service provider since a local tracking number may be provided to you for possible additional tracking events.

  • Marked as undeliverable – This happens if the courier has no access to the delivery location. Your package will then be sent back to us. If this is the case, Contact Us right away so we can resend your package.

  • Lost packages – One of the worst-case scenarios why your package can get delayed is because it got lost along the way. Please contact first your local post office for updates. If you haven’t received it yet, Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help.

  • Weather conditions –Bad weather can block the roads or slow down the transit and cause a delayed delivery. Keep following up with your local post office to track the movement of your order.

  • Holidays – A sudden or unexpected increase in shipment delivery volumes is most common during the holiday season when the shopping extravaganza begins. Because of this, the delivery may take longer than usual. Simply follow up with your local post office to track down your package.

5. What are some of the reasons my entire order may have been cancelled?

1. The item(s) sold out.
2. There is a delay in the replenishment of your item(s).
3. We are unable to verify your billing information and/or that your billing address does not match the credit card on file for the order. If this is possibly the case, please contact your credit card issuer or bank first to verify that your billing information is correct.

6. How do I make changes/ cancel my order that's already been placed?

No, unfortunately, we cannot modify/cancel orders once you’ve hit the ‘place order’ button (this includes adding/removal of items, changing the size, adding/removal of a discount code, billing or shipping address update, order cancellation request, and shipping method change).



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