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The Collection is presented in a Dry-ice and plastic sheet setting at Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza in Vancouver, Canada.

2018.09.19 10:00 pm
Vancouver Fashion Week
Location: Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza. Vancouver, Canada

Background: Swiss Owoko
Illustrator: Amy Brereton
1st Assistant: Artemis Auclair,
2nd Assistant: Mary Liu
Set Designers: David Bailie, David Bailie (Junior)
Music Composers: Jeffry Richards; Jonathan Silas Bull
DJ: Loig Morin
Head Model Coordinator: Yuli Chou
Makeup: Sandy Ting Ting Na’s Team
Hair: Ra Hair Studio & Spa
Others: Tiffany Lui, Melina Pineau, Emma Tyrchniewicz

Many Thanks To:
Nic, Gui, Matt, Jack, Kostek, Milan, Tamara, Lucy and more
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